Playmobil Monopoly Board Game


Playmobil Monopoly Board Game

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Embark on a globe-trotting quest in this brand-new PLAYMOBIL edition of MONOPOLY! Travel around the game board, from the Stable to the Police Headquarters, Princess Castle, and the Skull Pirate Ship, buy up iconic PLAYMOBIL sets and vehicles, and make your way towards the mythical Grand Castle of Novelmore. Pick up customised Chance and Community Chest cards for extra prizes and penalties: will you find the mythical pirate treasure, spend the day with a princess, go on a police patrol, or end up in jail? Who will be the first to buy the Farm, the beautiful Horse-Drawn Carriage, the menacing Pirate Fort, or the Novelmore Mobile Fortress? Build houses and hotels to charge your opponents more rent, but make sure you don't lose any PLAYMOBIL parts, or you'll have to pay a fine! Gather your friends and family, choose from a selection of custom tokens, roll the dice, and begin your PLAYMOBIL adventure to find out!

Key Features:

  • PERFECT FOR PLAYMOBIL FANS: this new PLAYMOBIL edition of Hasbro's classic board game Monopoly is perfect for 2–6 players and makes a great gift for fans aged 8 and up
  • INCLUDES 6 CUSTOM METAL TOKENS: choose from the Chest, Horse, Helmet, Cat, Crown and Fire Engine, and explore the Farm, the Hospital and the Treasure Island!
  • UNIQUE GAME BOARD featuring a montage of PLAYMOBIL characters
  • BUILD YOUR PLAYMOBIL EMPIRE: Buy up colour sets and use your custom Monopoly money to expand your empire by building houses and hotels
  • WILL YOU OUTSMART YOUR OPPONENTS? Watch out for custom Chance and Community Chest cards, which could help or hinder your chances of success!

Additional Information:

European Article Number (EAN):  5036905051804

Product Item Code:  WM03715-EN1-6

Product Dimensions:  270mm x400mm x52mm

Suitable Age:  8+

Number of Players:  2-6