Giant Pass the Pandas Inflatable Dice Game


Giant Pass the Pandas Inflatable Dice Game

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This pair of pudgy, inflatable pandas loves rolling and tumbling around together. Score different positions to get more points. Grab them and throw them in the air to find out how they'll land! Will your Pandas land on their sides, for a lowly Snoozer? Will you get a Double Faceplant for 40 points? Will your Pandas land sitting upright, for an undignified Bummer? Or will it be utter Panda-Monium? You'll lose all your points if so! Inside the box, you'll find 2 inflatable pandas, a scorepad, a pencil, a repair kit for any Panda punctures, and a mesh bag to safely carry your Pandas wherever you go. Perfect for the garden, the beach, the pool, or anywhere else for that matter, these Pandas love to travel, so take them on all your adventures, and get your friends and family involved in this brand-new twist on the classic Pass the Pigs range.

Key Features:

  • CUTE & CUDDLY PARTY ANIMALS: an inflatable dice game for Panda lovers everywhere
  • THROW THE PANDAS AND SEE HOW THEY LAND: will you be the first to score 100 points?
  • WHICH POSITION WILL YOU SCORE? Will you get a Bear Hug, end up with a Faceplant or will you be utterly Bamboozled?
  • INCLUDES 2 PANDAS, scorepad, pencil, repair kit and a mesh carry bag
  • PLAY ON THE GO OR AT HOME: gently deflate your Pandas, pack them away and take them wherever you go

Additional Information:

European Article Number (EAN):  5036905052078

Product Item Code:  WM03789-EN1-6

Product Dimensions:  270mm x203mm x65mm

Suitable Age:  7+

Number of Players:  2+