Game of Thrones Top Trumps Quiz Card Game


Game of Thrones Top Trumps Quiz Card Game

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Top Trumps has sailed the length of the Narrow Sea to bring you this brand new Game of Thrones edition of Top Trumps Quiz, fresh from Westeros. Spanning everything from Castle Black to King's Landing, Casterly Black and Dorne, with questions about all eight seasons of the iconic HBO series, players are sure to have their knowledge and memory tested across 100 different category cards, featuring Tyrion Lannister, Cersei Lannister, Arya Stark, Daenerys Targaryen and many more. Sieges, weapons, quotes and behind-the-scenes facts are just some of the challenges that lie ahead, so steel yourself, sharpen your memory and get ready for a battle of wits. Think you can remember how the dragons got their names, what was in Walder Frey's pie, and what Tormund drinks the night before a battle? What about Brienne of Tarth's childhood nickname? It's time to rally your house (or your friends and family) and find out who deserves to sit on the Iron Throne for real!

Key Features:

  • GAME OF THRONES TOP TRUMPS QUIZ: quizzical fun with a Top Trumps twist, for players aged 18 and up
  • SHOW OFF YOUR KNOWLEDGE: fun and factual trivia card game with dozens of categories
  • 500 QUESTIONS on Winterfell, Jon Snow and the White Walkers that will test your knowledge and memory
  • PLAY ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME: the easy-to-carry plastic case makes for a perfect travel or holiday game
  • BECOME THE TOP TRUMP: prepare to outsmart your opponents, discover new and exciting Game of Thrones facts and duel your way to becoming the Top Trump

Additional Information:

European Article Number (EAN):  5036905051262

Product Item Code:  WM03544-EN1-6

Product Dimensions:  110mm x120mm x80mm

Suitable Age:  18+

Number of Players:  2+