Dinosaurs Monopoly Board Game


Dinosaurs Monopoly Board Game

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The Dinosaurs are back! After millions of years, these ferocious animals have beaten extinction and returned in this exclusive edition of the Monopoly board game. Will you collect the Diplodocus? Stegosaurus? Or Triceratops? Travel around the board using one of six unique and exclusive tokens, as you purchase tents and jeeps instead of houses and hotels. Instead of travel squares, you can purchase the different eras of Jurassic discovery.

Key Features:

  • PERFECT FOR DINOSAURS LOVERS: this prehistoric Dinsoaurs edition of Hasbro's classic board game MONOPOLY is perfect for 2–6 players and makes a great gift for fans aged 8 and up
  • INCLUDES 6 METAL TOKENS: choose from tokens including your favourite dinosaurs - Brontosaurus, Triceratops, T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Pterodactyl, and a Velociraptor.
  • UNIQUE DINOSAURS GAME BOARD starring the most ferocious and terrifying creatures of the age
  • BUILD YOUR PREHISTORIC EMPIRE: buy up colour sets and use your custom MONOPOLY money to expand your empire by building tents and jeeps on your properties
  • INCLUDES SPECIAL TOP TRUMPS CARD: playable with the best selling Dinosaurs Top Trumps pack

Additional Information:

European Article Number (EAN):  5053410006334

Product Item Code:  WM04251-EN1-6

Product Dimensions:  270mm x400mm x52mm

Suitable Age:  8+

Number of Players:  2-6