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Lex-GO! is one ‘L’ of a super-fast word game, now with a Disney twist. The aim of the game is to use up all your tiles by adding to your opponents’ words, making your own and swapping out tiles to gain a tactical advantage. With 50 letter tiles and 5 magic Disney tiles, everything comes packed into a custom, Disney-themed canvas bag, meaning you can challenge your friends any time, anywhere. Plan your next move - you can add tiles to another player’s word to make it longer and steal the win. Switch up gameplay using one of five special Disney tiles to steal your opponents’ tiles or shuffle another player’s words. Be careful not to choose the Olaf tile, or you’ll find your own letters frozen instead! Use the Mickey tile to represent any letter you choose and race to build as many words as possible. This competitive, rapid-fire game is easy for any player to pick up, and its stylish presentation makes it a joy for players young and old. You can even challenge yourself to make as many Disney words as possible. But whether you’re a lifelong Disney lover or a vocabulary fanatic looking for a new challenge, you’re bound to get hooked, so grab your tiles and shout, ‘Lex-GO!’