Disney 100 Top Trumps Card Game


Disney 100 Top Trumps Card Game

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Calling all Disney fans! 100th anniversaries don't come around every year, so make the most of this one with a stunning new edition of Disney 100 Top Trumps Specials. Come and celebrate 100 years of the animation powerhouse that is Disney, with 30 of your favourite characters, like Elsa, Woody, and Mickey Mouse. Go head-to-head with friends to see who is the most curious, the most courageous, the most humorous, or determined! Will Genie's Curiosity rating answer your greatest wishes, or will you laugh your opponents out of the game with Boo's Humour rating? Feeling confident about Tiana's Courage rating? Each card comes with official artwork of the character and a custom Top Trumps bio that tells you everything you need to know about them. Choose wisely and play to your strengths, and you might just claim every character for your own. Gather your friends and family and get ready to find out who will be the Top Trump!

Key Features:

  • DISNEY TOP TRUMPS SPECIALS: the number one card game celebrates Disney's 100th anniversary!
  • BECOME THE TOP TRUMP: Prepare to outsmart your opponents, discover new and exciting Disney facts and duel your way to the top!
  • 30 OF YOUR FAVOURITE PRINCESSES, MONSTERS AND WISECRACKING HEROES: find out how determined Mulan is, and how high Stitch's Top Trumps Rating is!
  • PLAY ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME: The easy-to-carry plastic case makes for a perfect travel or holiday game
  • ADULTS AND CHILDREN AGED 6 and up will have hours of fun with this fast-paced card game that's suitable for any number of players

Additional Information:

European Article Number (EAN):  5036905052276

Product Item Code:  WM03822-EN1-6

Product Dimensions:  85mm x140mm x20mm

Suitable Age:  6+

Number of Players:  2+