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Ever wondered why an octopus changes colour? Want to know how a baby panda’s pattern develops? Do you know the right word for a group of tortoises? Whether you know the answers to these questions or want to find out, this awesome bundle of animal-themed games is guaranteed to challenge and amaze you! Featuring three of our best games - Awesome Animals Top Trumps, Baby Animals Top Trumps and World of Animals Top Trumps Quiz - players can expect a mix of competitive gameplay, amazing photography and a whole host of interesting and adorable animals from around the globe. Play with the caracal, octopus and giraffe in Awesome Animals and choose from weight, speed, cuteness and mischief categories. Will your best stat be enough to win each round? In our Baby Animals pack, compete to find out how long it takes for each baby animal to be born, who weighs the most at birth, and much more! Then test your trivia in Top Trumps Quiz, with questions on woodpeckers, black mambas and many more besides. This bundle is full of facts and encourages critical thinking as well; animal lovers will go wild for it!

Key Features

  • Prepare to outsmart your opponents and discover new and exciting animal facts in three of our wildest games
  • Top Trumps brings your favourite animals to life across Baby Animals Top Trumps, Awesome Animals Top Trumps and World of Animals Quiz
  • Ducks, gorillas and giant pandas go head-to-head in Baby Animals Top Trumps - who is heavier or cuter?
  • Choose from Mambas, tortoises and woodpeckers in Awesome Animals Top Trumps - which is faster or more mischievous?
  • Then try 500 puzzling and captivating questions that will test your knowledge and memory in World of Animals Top Trumps Quiz

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European Article Number (EAN): 5036905039901
Product Item Code: WM00455-EN1-6
Product Dimensions: 200mm x200mm x122mm
Suitable Age: 4
Number of Players: 2

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